This is Sarah (the one without the hat) Yesterday was her 2nd marathon. Her first was Vermont City last year which they canceled half way through her race.

She trained hard this season to be able to beat her Vermont City time. Her goal was 5 hours. She logged all of her training miles. She conquered Stu’s 30k at the beginning of March. She trained around her work schedule, her family and their schedule, and the crazy MA winter.

I was able to share some of the training miles with her. And through our conversations volunteered to pace her for Newport. After seeing her race time at Stu’s and her 20 mile run I thought she should reevaluate her goal. She did, and changed it to 4:30:00. I still thought she could run a little bit better.

We started the race strong…we finished the race strong…and she finished at 4:20:36. I am honored to have shared 26.2 miles with this woman. I talked the whole way, trying to keep her motivated, on pace, and distracted as we neared the end. Her family was on the course to support her in lots of different spots. The day was beautiful. It was an awesome experience. And she conquered the marathon!!