Gary D.

This Saturday I ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon.  Leading up to the race, I was a little annoyed to hear that all tracking would be done with RaceJoy via smart phones.  This annoyance came from the fact that I never run with a phone, just my gps watch.  My wife convinced me to take my phone so that she could track me.

I honestly couldn’t have been happier after realizing what a great app this is!  It wasn’t even until during the race that I realized.  My friend kept saying “your phone is talking?”.  I had the volume down, so I turned it up and enjoyed the mileage updates.

But the key moment for me, was around mile 18-19.  I was struggling.  My running buddies had pushed on as they are faster than me and I was was not in a good place.  I didn’t even know that messages could be sent through the app, let alone be read out to you.  At this low point in the race a message was read out to me “Don’t quit Daddy!  I love you” from my 11 year old daughter, 30 seconds later another message “Go Daddy, Go!” From my 7 year old daughter Anja.

These messages brought a tear to my eyes.  But they also gave me to strength I needed at exactly the time I needed it!  I went on to finish my first marathon.

Thank you RaceJoy.