I used Racejoy at the North Country Run. It worked fantastic. My Garmin accuracy was in and out.  It ended up saying my run was 12.29 miles. RaceJoy had me accurately tracked: 13.1 miles. It gave me progress updates. I could not hear my cheers, but it is a very difficult race to track! Up and down hills, 1400 feet of elevation gain. I really enjoyed having your app at this race. I will always use it when it is available at races I participate in. I always recommend it to my friends.  Have a great day !

Great help and motivation. I love the cheers, it helped keep me motivated. The tracking was on point. Love this app!! My first half marathon and not my last 😃

Thank you so much for this app! Our daughter and son in law ran the Tomoka Marathon yesterday… we live in Indiana and it was great to be able to “see” where they were on the course! They liked the cheers and music we sent and our sons were also able to “cheer “ them on as well! Amy has been running for 15 years and this is the first time using an app like this! Thank you again!

Special shout out to Don and Stacy Stoner, RaceDay Certified Timers, for offering RaceJoy at the Tomoka Marathon!

Thanks RaceJoy for your innovative and wonderful app.

I was able to track my daughter along with sending cheers from New Zealand as she competed many miles away on a different time zone in Orlando Florida’s Half Marathon.

Thank you for making it so easy for me, almost as good as being there…well maybe not quite!

I’ve told many friends about your great app.


I used RaceJoy for the 50 miler (Burning River) and was quite pleased with it (I also used it for Bigfoot 50k last fall and was pleased with it). At first I wasn’t sure it started because my phone said no connection. But it did pick up when I gained service and had recorded from the start line. I loved that I had it available after my running watch battery died at mile 44. The mileage, pace and estimated finish times were very helpful. I also really enjoyed the cheers that people sent me, the Star Wars themed cheers were particularly amusing. I also liked that I could look and see who sent the cheers when I was finished and could view the overall race stats. My husband enjoyed the updates he received on my progress and had fun sending cheers.

Great app. Easy to use. I recommend it to others.

I hope every race I ever do from here on out uses the RaceJoy app. My crew found it indispensable and my family and friends watching from afar were so excited to track my progress along the way. Getting the updates every mile for 100 miles on pace, time and estimated finish really helped me stay on my game plan and really excited me to achieve the goals I had set for myself during the Burning River run.

The best part of the app was getting cheers throughout. I received over 300 cheers from those watching me and it was amazing! So cool they could personalize messages. I got jokes to make me laugh, riddles to make me think and take my mind off of the pain, it was truly amazing.

I give this app 6 out of 5 stars!!

Thanks for making my race the best adventure I’ve had in 100 miles!



Great, Great, Great sitting at home in Mumbai – India I could cheer and track my son Naval Katoch running for the first time in 27 years. He has never run before in his life, thanks to the organizers and to the RaceJoy App that I could follow him.


I am totally thrilled and overjoyed thanks thanks and thanks from all of us from Mumbai – India

Love your app!

Yesterday I ran my first full marathon at Spring Hill Marathon Mania. I signed up to use RaceJoy for the first time and shared it with friends to track me. I knew there was an option for them to send cheers while I ran but little did I know how fun and encouraging the cheers would be. All the different types of cheers and music people were sending was a total surprise. I had no idea RaceJoy offered options like that for people to send as cheers.

Every time I recieved a cheer it would push me through knowing there was someone tracking me and sending them. Since my phone was in my hydration pack back I didn’t see who was sending the cheers till after the race. It was amazing to see people that I haven’t seen in years and others who I only know through social media sending cheers and using the app. Thank you RaceJoy for bring Joy to my Race. It added so much to making my first marathon so memorable. Can’t wait to track my friends and send cheers to them through RaceJoy at future races.

Was unable to get to Philadelphia this morning but was able to follow my sister as she pushed for to the finish line. I felt like I was right there on the streets of Philadelphia. Thanks RaceJoy. Wonderful App.

RaceJoy was amazing. My brother out in Florida watched the blue spot go around the screen and listened to a cow bell the entire way and it just was so special for him and me. I love it and I will always use RaceJoy! And, by the way, I’m 71 years old, and I figured it out myself, and that’s saying something. Which means the technology was not complicated and very user-friendly.

Two Cities Marathon & Half Marathon Spectator