Great, Great, Great sitting at home in Mumbai – India I could cheer and track my son Naval Katoch running for the first time in 27 years. He has never run before in his life, thanks to the organizers and to the RaceJoy App that I could follow him.


I am totally thrilled and overjoyed thanks thanks and thanks from all of us from Mumbai – India

Love your app!

Yesterday I ran my first full marathon at Spring Hill Marathon Mania. I signed up to use RaceJoy for the first time and shared it with friends to track me. I knew there was an option for them to send cheers while I ran but little did I know how fun and encouraging the cheers would be. All the different types of cheers and music people were sending was a total surprise. I had no idea RaceJoy offered options like that for people to send as cheers.

Every time I recieved a cheer it would push me through knowing there was someone tracking me and sending them. Since my phone was in my hydration pack back I didn’t see who was sending the cheers till after the race. It was amazing to see people that I haven’t seen in years and others who I only know through social media sending cheers and using the app. Thank you RaceJoy for bring Joy to my Race. It added so much to making my first marathon so memorable. Can’t wait to track my friends and send cheers to them through RaceJoy at future races.

Was unable to get to Philadelphia this morning but was able to follow my sister as she pushed for to the finish line. I felt like I was right there on the streets of Philadelphia. Thanks RaceJoy. Wonderful App.

RaceJoy was amazing. My brother out in Florida watched the blue spot go around the screen and listened to a cow bell the entire way and it just was so special for him and me. I love it and I will always use RaceJoy! And, by the way, I’m 71 years old, and I figured it out myself, and that’s saying something. Which means the technology was not complicated and very user-friendly.

Two Cities Marathon & Half Marathon Spectator

RaceJoy Was AWESOME at the Houston Half

I must say, for my first half marathon, using this app made the biggest difference in the world. I had friends and family all over the US that weren’t able to be there in person so they all kept up with me in the app. I had so much fun hearing the cheers come through throughout the race, especially the customized ones. Even better, as I crossed the finish line first, I had 4 cousins still left running the race. Since all 9 of us were using the app, I was able to track where they were to cheer them on in the last leg of the race. Sending cheers a long the way. I can most definitely say, this app made all the difference in the world for my family and I when we were running. We look forward to using it again in the future. We LOVED it!


I used your app for the Crim yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Easy to use and I LOVED the mile marker updates. They really helped to ensure I was on pace. Will use again!

Thank you for providing this service! My husband who isnt able to attend races with me was so excited to be able to follow my event! He even called my sister to tell her when to expect me at the finish as I crossed the 9 mile mark lol.
Thank you again and we look forwad to using this app and service again. ūüėä

The RaceJoy app was AMAZING!!! It kept me on pace and it made it seem like I had a personal coach with me the entire race. It was also so much fun to have my daughter track me from Chicago and send me lots of inspirational messages and cheers. Thank you for helping me achieve my 10-mile PR at age 51.

What a weekend! The Crim was my first experience using Racejoy, and I loved it! It was so fantastic ‚Äústarting the race‚ÄĚ, then just going out and doing my thing. Several from our Playmaker‚Äôs group had PR‚Äôs. I received cheers on the app throughout the race, and that was very cool as well.¬† The mile progress rates were really neat! It was nice to see the projection of where I would finish.¬†¬†
Thank you Racejoy for this tremendous app.  I highly recommend it to all my fellow racers.

Burning River 100 Endurance Run

This was my first 100 mile distance and first time using RaceJoy and it all went perfect!
The only finish time I had in mind for my first 100 was to beat the time cap of 30 hours and be able to finish, I ended up finishing in 25:11! ¬†I got the biggest kick out of the cheers that family and friends sent me throughout the race! ¬†I’m sure I didn’t hear all of them with my phone on my back in my waist pack, but I heard a lot of them! I must have heard “Can’t touch this” at least a half a dozen times and it made me smile each time! ¬†Hearing “It’s a lovely day for a walk in the park!” gave me a chuckle and hearing Mickey Mouse say “Dreams really do come true!” brought a tear to my eye!!
I absolutely loved the app and my friends and family did too, they knew when to expect me and it freed up their day to do other things in between meeting me at aid stations, like eat and sleep! Even my friend’s 3 year old son had fun watching the beeping dot go across the screen, his mom said he was obsessed with it and when he woke up Sunday morning, the first thing he told her was he wanted to check and see where Tracy was at!
Thank you for adding to my wonderful race experience!