Participants and Spectators Embrace Technology at the Madison Half & Twilight 10K/5K!

At this years Madison Half Marathon & Twilight 10K/5K Weekend, runners and supporting spectators were treated to RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers as a courtesy of the race organizers. The response was awesome with 1,320 participants and spectators making full use of RaceJoy!


The race, taking place on Memorial Day Weekend for the past 10 years, happens over two days, beginning with the Twilight 10K and 5K on Saturday evening. This year marked the 4th running of the 10K and the first running of the 5K! Runners were encouraged to bring glow-in-the-dark or light up accessories to see downtown Madison and the University of Wisconsin Madison campus by night. The Half Marathon took place on Sunday morning, allowing runners to enjoy the views of campus, the Arboretum and downtown Madison.


Supporting spectators, both onsite and from the convenience of their homes, were able to receive RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts and watch their tracked participants’ blue dots move along the course in a map view – allowing them to know exactly where the runner was during the race. 430 participants opted to be tracked during the race, and, on average, each runner had about three people tracking them and sending them cheers.


Friends and family sent 1,430 cheers in RaceJoy, including personalized text-to-cheers, over the course of the weekend! Way to motivate those runners!


Another free feature at the Madison Half & Twilight 10K/5K was RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts. The alerts are issued at every mile along the course and provide updates on current location, pace, and estimated finish time. RaceJoy issued 10,800 progress alerts across the multiple courses!


Participants have the option to post these progress alerts to Facebook and/or Twitter in real-time, to further share in the race experience.


Participants and spectators truly embraced RaceJoy and we loved the response we received. Here are just a couple:



Madison Marathon Events sponsored the RaceJoy experience at the Madison Half Marathon and Twilight and are offering the same experience at its Madison Marathon event on November 13, 2016.   The race is produced by Race Day Events, who are also offering free tracking and cheers through RaceJoy across many of their different types of events, including it’s upcoming triathlon series.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the race organizers of the Madison Half Marathon & Twilight 10K/5K and to the participants and supporting family and friends for embracing RaceJoy! We hope you enjoyed using RaceJoy and look forward to seeing you back soon!


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