RaceJoy Buy-Out

RaceJoy_RSU_IconRunSignUp, RaceJoy’s parent company,  is introducing a new generation of RaceJoy integration with RunSignUp with multiple race buy-out options and self-serve map creation and enablement. RaceJoy is a great way to make your race stand out – bring new levels of social engagement to the race. Allowing spectators to track runners in real time, send cheers and for runners to get GPS Progress alerts every mile.

Race Buy-Out
To help your race stand out more, you can do a RaceJoy Buy-Out so that you are offering your runners and spectators RaceJoy for free (it is normally 99 cents for each runner and spectator per race). There are two major options for the Buy-Out:

  • Add 25 cents (under 10K) or 50 cents (10K and up) to the processing fee for each participant.
  • Buy-Out depending on Distance and number (special 20% off before March 31, 2016):


We also offer a flexible payment option for the buy-out, where you can designate a $X to be taken out of each registration fee. So if your race costs $50, you could take out $5 from each registration.

Why Buy-Out?
Races that have brought RaceJoy as a free service to their participants have seen significant adoption. Here are some recent examples of races that provided their runners and spectators with free access:




*Participation rates vary depending on how much you promote the use of the app to your runners. We will be integrating automated emails to remind your runners of the availability of RaceJoy.

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