Toledo Likes Technology: Glass City Marathon Takes Full Advantage of RaceJoy!


This weekend we had amazing usage at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio. Race director, Clint McCormick, was one of the first to offer RaceJoy in last year’s 2014 Glass City Marathon race event. Race participants and spectators, once again, showed a huge adoption of technology, with more than 6,000 people using RaceJoy to add to their race experience.

More than 2,000 cheers were sent to participants from supporting friends and family, and 425 phones were tracked live on the course using RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking technology.

During the race, RaceJoy issued 62,000 timed progress alerts based on the person’s bib tag crossing timing points on the course. Gault Timing provided timing services for the race and implemented the RunScore continuous streaming of scored results. Scored results were delivered in real-time through RaceJoy.

The response from participants and spectators was one of a delighted surprise with comments like:

“I knew my results at the finish line. It was amazing.” 

This integration with the race timing feature is one we will be implementing with RunSignUp’s platform as an option for races to deliver notifications through RaceJoy. We also currently issue text notifications through RunSignUp’s Race Director Go platform.

GCMProgAlertPeople took advantage of RaceJoy’s progress alert replay feature where you can look up a participant at any time to see their history – when they crossed the timing points on the course. You do not have to setup to track a participant prior to them reaching a timing location for this. This feature is also available with RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts.

Toledo race participants showed their adoption of social media by posting these progress alerts to their Facebook and Twitter walls. There were 900 postings on Facebook and 300 on Twitter – which was the highest social media posting usage yet in RaceJoy.

It was a great weekend with Toledo residents and we enjoyed their mid-western warmth and sense of humor.


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