RunSignUp’s RaceJoy Live Tracking at Gate River Run

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy mobile platform was heavily accessed at Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend. Close to 250 people used RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak feature with about 110 being participants and 140 being spectators. Supporting spectators were tracking participants live on the race course from 104 cities in primarily the United States, but also in Denmark and Canada. The race was accessed 10,717 times in RaceJoy – showing a highly engaged audience.

Real-time snapshot of spectators tracking participants:


Some very tenacious participants were tracked by supporting fans for well over 4.5 hours (Gate River Run is a 15K course). So, after the race was closed down, participants were still supported by family and friends through RaceJoy until they achieved their personal finish. Also, for those on the ground at the race, RaceJoy issued 120 NearMe proximity alerts notifying spectators when their tracked participant was drawing near.

Here are some photos of live tracking on race day. You can track up to 20 people at a time.

In addition, spectators sent 685 cheers with Go Get Em! being the most sent cheer. This is a feature favorite among users of RaceJoy where fun pre-recorded cheers are available to send to participants at any time before, during or after the race.


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